Check Reordering
Fee Schedule


Share & Club Accounts:

Up to three (3) withdrawals per quarter


4th withdrawal per quarter


5th withdrawal per quarter


6th withdrawal per quarter


7th and subsequent withdrawals per quarter

$6.00 each withdrawal

Share Draft Accounts: 
Monthly service fee


NSF paid item (check, ACH, ATM)

$25.00 each item

Returned item (check, ACH, ATM)

$30.00 each item

Share Draft Check Printing Fee: Prices vary depending upon style.
Replacement Debit Cards

$5.00 per card

Stop Payment Fee:

$25.00 each request

Temporary Checks (2 pgs free)

$2.00 per pg after 2

Check Copy Fee: 

$3.00 each item

Vacation Accounts:
MONTHLY administrative fee


Two (2) withdrawals per year


3rd and subsequent withdrawals per year

$6.00 each withdrawal

3rd and subsequent withdrawals used as loan payment for a loan at the credit union

$2.00 each withdrawal

Certificate Accounts - Early Withdrawal Penalties: 
Three (3) to Twelve (12) Month Certificates
On full balance for Share Certificates

90-day interest penalty

On amount withdrawn for IRA Share Certificates

90-day interest penalty

Eighteen (18) to Twenty-four (24) Month Certificates 
On full balance for Share Certificates

180-day interest penalty

On amount withdrawn for IRA Share Certificates

180-day interest penalty

Miscellaneous Items: 
Returned Items (deposits / loan payments)


Interim statement fee

$3.00 each copy

Account Reconciliation fee


Account Research fee


Payroll ACH Origination fee:

$5.00 each item

Wire Transfer (Incoming) fee:

$10.00 each transfer

Wire Transfer (Outgoing) fee:

$20.00 each transfer

International Wire Fee

$40.00 per transfer

New Account Setup fee:

$5.00 each account

Loan Subsequent Action fee:

$25.00 each loan

Dormant Account Fee

$25.00 per month

Loan Late Payment fee:

$25.00 each month

Cashiers Check fee: (Minumum $1.00, Maximum $10.00)

1% of check amount

Master Card payment (over the counter at the credit union)

$2.00 each transaction

Member Check Cashing Fees: ***

Cash Disbursed


Up to $100.00

No Charge

From $100.01 to $200.00


From $200.01 to 335.00


From $335.01 to $500.00


From $500.01 to $750.00


From $7501.01 to $1,000.00


From  $1,000.01  to $1,500.00


*** Waiver Exceptions for Check Cashing Fees

  1. Member has the funds to cover the check for the check hold period.
    1. IRA accounts excluded.
  2. Member has an active checking account in good standing.
    1. Active Checking is 10 or more EFT's per month.
  3. Member has an active In-House Loan that is paid current.

Credit Union reserves the right to refuse to cash any check that is in question.


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