About Us

The Philosophy of the Credit Union Movement is PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

Our field of membership is for those individuals who are associated with the Local Union 20 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers or Local 756 Sign Painters & Decorators and their direct relation family members.

Local 20 IBEW FCU was chartered as Local 59 IBEW FCU on October 8th, 1964.
Our name was changed from Local 59 IBEW FCU to Local 20 IBEW FCU on May 16th, 2002.  We will be celebrating our 54th year anniversary in October this year.  We started in October 8th, 1964 with a total asset of $35.00 and have grown to be over $6,000,000.00. 

We have had a full time Manager since October 2nd, 1972.  We also have a full time Manager Assistant and Loan Officer.  These current positions are held as follows: 

  • CU Manager: Kenneth Everitt 
  • Manager's Assistant / IRA & New Account Coordinator: Sonya Evans
  • Loan Officer: Brandi Everitt

It is our goal to become a full service financial institution.  For your interest, the following services were added on the following dates:

  • Administrator of Local 20 IBEW workers Vacation Funds (December 16th, 1972).
  • Share Draft (Checking) Accounts (The Year of 1980).
  • IRA Share Certificates (The Year of 1982).
  • Master Cards (The Year of 1985).
  • Share Certificates (October of 1994).
  • 24 Hour Audio Teller (Via Phone) Service (July of 1995).
  • ATM & Debit Cards for Share Draft Account holders (October of 1997).
  • Local 20 IBEW FCU Web Page (September, 2004).
  • Active Web Site {Online Banking Service} (September, 2004)

We also accept Incoming Wire Transfers or ACH Transactions to member accounts at this Credit Union.

We also provide Outgoing Wire Transfers or ACH Originations of Funds to any U.S. based Bank or Credit Union with an open receiving account.