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October 9, 2017 – Columbus Day

November 10, 2017 – Veteran’s Day

November 23-24, 2017 – Thanksgiving

December 25, 2017 – Christmas

January 1, 2018 – New Year’s


Attention MEMBERS: We would like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to our dedicated members that attended our Annual Meeting in August. As part owners of the Credit Union, it is refreshing to see so many members that take such an interest in the Credit Union! 


**WE ARE TRANSITIONING OUR MASTERCARDS TO CHIP CARDS. FROM HERE ON OUT, ALL MASTERCARDS WILL BE GOLD AND HAVE A CHIP. This will happen when your regular card is renewed. If your previous card was not gold, please note that you will have a NEW CARD NUMBER. This means you will need to change any automatic payments, etc. you have set up for the old card number.**


There are fee changes that took place starting July 1, 2017. See our website for more details regarding these changes. We have not had fee increases to our member’s accounts since 2005, even though the fees assessed on us have been steadily increasing yearly.


Special Request: Since our recent system upgrade, our system is now requiring current ID or Driver’s License information. At your convenience, please call or email us regarding this issue. If it is convenient for you, we can obtain a copy during your next visit to the Credit Union or you can email us a photo of your Driver’s License.


ATTENTION: We are doing our best to answer all phone calls. If you are calling for an account balance, please dial 3 to use the AUDIO TELLER. If you do not have a PIN for this, we will be happy to set you up with one. If you call and we are unable to answer, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE and be patient with us. We appreciate your patience and understanding!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR MEMBER!


***It is VITAL that we have current information on your account regarding contact information and BENEFICIARY information. Please call us to verify that our information is correct. If something is outdated, we can get a form to you so that the records can be current in case anything happens.


*** We would like to cut expenses as much as possible. We provide online access to accounts. If you would like online access, we would be more than happy to set you up so you won’t have to receive a statement in the mail. We will be saving paper and postage!!



We have recently updated our lending policy. We are transitioning to FICO scoring. This will allow for more opportunity and a better chance to be approved for a loan with us. We have also changed our unsecured credit limits. Please contact us for your lending needs and we will see how we can help!

*Please note all loans and discounts are subject to Credit Union approval. Previous loans must have been paid in a satisfactory manner. Applications are available on the website: or at the Credit Union.

Special Note: Staying current on your loan is extremely important to the Credit Union. As part owner of the Credit Union, when the Credit Union suffers from high delinquencies, it can hurt you as well. Please contact us so we can try to work with you.

Please note: The Night Depository is available for you to drop off Deposits and/or Loan Payments. It is located on the South side of the Building.




Ken Everitt ext. 1004 CEO / Manager

Sonya Evans ext. 1002 Manager’s Assistant / IRA Coordinator

Brandi Everitt ext. 1006 Loan Officer

Teller ext. 0

AUDIO TELLER ext. 3 ...Dial 0 to be set up for a PIN

Telephone Number: 214-363-9223

Toll Free Telephone Number: 1-877-341-7390

Fax Number: 214-363-5836

688 West Tarrant Road, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050